What Value Means to Barrow Hanley

Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, LLC has a strict definition of value. Our equity portfolios exhibit below-market price-to-earnings ratios, below-market price-to-book ratios, and above-market dividend yields, regardless of market conditions. As a result, each of our clients is assured that we will do our part to maintain the style integrity of their overall portfolio.

In fixed income, we define value as temporarily mispriced securities with yield-to-maturity advantages over Treasury bonds of comparable maturity. We identify each opportunity from the bottom up, building a duration-neutral portfolio designed to "out-yield" the market. In this way, Barrow Hanley seeks to achieve higher total returns for our fixed income clients with below-benchmark volatility.

Mutual Fund Sub-Advisory Services

Stability of investment team, strict adherence to style and uniformity of process are hallmarks of Barrow Hanley. Through an investment in a Barrow Hanley sub-advised mutual fund, individual investors are able to access the research-driven, bottom-up approach to active security selection that is utilized by major pension plans, foundations and endowments, and other institutional investors worldwide.

Barrow Hanley currently serves as a sub-advisor to more than 45 equity and fixed income mutual funds. In addition to sub-advising an array of nationally-recognized mutual funds in the U.S., we sub-advise a number of internationally-based funds.

In a market of increasing risk, and value uncertainty, clients choose Barrow Hanley for strict adherence to traditional value disciplines.

Executed by some of the most experienced investors in the industry, our process has resulted in more than 30 years of highly competitive investment performance.

Product Offerings

Barrow Hanley offers U.S. equity, non-U.S. and global equity, fixed income, and balanced investment management. Our strategies include:


Barrow Hanley was founded and registered with the SEC in July of 1979 to manage U.S. tax-exempt portfolios for institutional clients. We began managing Large Cap Value Equity assets in October of that same year. A value-oriented fixed income strategy was established in 1983, and we currently offer Core, Core Plus, Intermediate, Short Maturity, Investment Grade Credit, Long Duration, and High Yield strategies, as well as special purpose portfolios. A Small Cap Value Equity strategy was added in July of 1995 and Mid Cap Value Equity was established in March of 1999. In October of 2000, we added the Diversified Large Cap Value and Dividend Focused Value strategies. We began managing Non-U.S. Value Equity in 2006 and Diversified Small Cap Value Equity in 2007. In 2010, we launched a Global Value Equity strategy. In 2012, we added an Emerging Markets Equity strategy. Balanced Management is available utilizing any combination of equity and fixed income strategies.

In 2000, our former parent company, United Asset Management, was acquired by Old Mutual plc, an international financial services group based in London. Barrow Hanley subsequently became an affiliate of OMAM, a subsidiary of Old Mutual plc.

In January 2010, BHMS, formerly a Nevada corporation, became a Delaware limited liability company. The LLC structure enables BHMS employees to maintain significant economic ownership in BHMS.

In 2014, Old Mutual plc conducted an initial public offering of OM Asset Management plc, its U.S. asset management business. OM Asset Management plc rebranded as BrightSphere Investment Group plc in March 2018, following its separation from Old Mutual plc. BrightSphere Investment Group plc is a publicly listed company traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Ticker symbol: BSIG). Barrow Hanley remains an independently managed company, operating autonomously from its Dallas, Texas headquarters.

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